The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague, as of course you all know. Do you know what you can do in Prague? This city offers us many opportunities that we just need to take advantage of. Prague is mainly known as the city where we can find the most monuments that have an amazing history. The history of Czech monuments is beautiful, but sometimes scary, do you know them all? Do you know all the stories and legends that are hidden in Prague? You can explore this world with a pleasant walk and take the whole family with you. Even the smallest of us need to be guided a little to learn about history. They probably won`t get there on their own, and that would be a great shame. Excursions do not have to be only to the swimming hall or to a nice ZOO.

výhled - Praha

There is, of course, wonderful gastronomy in Prague. Food is just everywhere, and although the prices are higher than in smaller cities, this gourmet experience is really worth it. Do you want to taste some food from chefs who have already received many awards? Why not! Or would you rather have an adventure in the form of the most sophisticated escape game? No problem either. Or would you rather go to the theater for a nice show? You can! Think of the possibilities that you can experience in Prague and it doesn`t end in a day. You can also find night entertainment in this city!

lidé - zábava

You can do many different activities in the heart of Prague. You can go to watch a sports match at the football stadium. You can also try shooting at a shooting range in Prague, you can visit the most famous places that everyone should know, or you can relax on a walk with a perfect view of the whole of Prague. Be sure to also look at possible accommodation so that you have time to experience as much as possible. Whether it`s raining, snowing or falling wheelbarrows, believe that you will always find your fun and the day will not be boring, but fantastic!